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We deal with garages so you save The price you see is the price you pay.
No hidden extras or stuff you dont need No extra charges for specialist oils or parts.
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Inclusive pricing, no surcharges.

We all hate surprises, like booking a car service at one price and being told you’ll have to pay for extras when you get the bill.

We’re not like that, at driverhelpline we’re on your side.

Not only do we deliver great value to you, we give you an all-inclusive price with a promise of no hidden extras. So we won’t charge you extra for specialist synthetic oils, air filters, fluid top-ups or even environmental charges - all of which could add at least £60 to your bill with other suppliers.

On top of all this we manage the garage to stop them charging you for things you don’t need.

We’ll promise to advise you honestly if something needs doing there and then, or book you in for a later appointment of we think it can wait.

At driverhelpline we want to make things easy for you.

We deal with garages so you save Our servicing plans are easy to understand.
No hidden extras or stuff you dont need We only use manufacturer-standard parts.
Reserve a slot now and pay on the day Our certified ATA technicians are trained to leading industry standards.
Zero hassle Our work maintains the manufacturer warranty.

Do I need a Full Service?

Cars and vans should be serviced every 12 months, at 12,000 miles or at a mileage recommended by the manufacturer.

The driverhelpline full service includes a full inspection of tyres, brakes and suspension plus extensive checks on lights, instruments and fluids. We also carry out a thorough inspection under the bonnet including brake, fuel and radiator hoses, power steering fluids, with auxiliary drive belt adjustment if needed.

We also replace the oil and fit new oil, air and fuel filters. We use engine oil specific to your engine, so if your engine needs synthetic or specialist oils, it’s all included in the price we quote you.

Do I need an Interim Service?

An interim service is ideal for vehicles which have regular, short journeys or cover high mileages of typically more than 12,000 miles per year.

An interim service gives you peace of mind between annual services.

We check essentials such as lights, instruments and fluid levels, together with a complete tyre and suspension inspection. A visual brake inspection is also included.

We also replace the oil and fit new oil, air and fuel filters. Again, we use engine oil specific to your engine, so if your engine needs synthetic or specialist oils, it’s all included in the price we quote you.

Why not add an MOT and save even more?

When you book an MOT with a service we can save time inspecting your vehicle which means you save money.

There are lots of reasons to make sure your car or van is serviced correctly, it always works out better in the long run.

Regular Servicing: saving you money

If you service your car or van correctly, you drastically reduce your chance of breaking down. A breakdown costs money to recover and is hugely inconvenient because your vehicle will be off the road and you’ll have to pay for other transport until it is fixed.

One key area is engine oil, which has to work very hard to make sure your engine is at peak performance. Oil degrades over time and with use, so failure to change to new, clean oil at the right time will lead to damage to the engine’s internal and even cause the engine to seize.

A service highlights issues that you many need to have rectified or at least keep and eye on, no matter how good you feel your car us running today.

Replacement air and oil filters also make your engine run smoother and helps it to be more fuel efficient, which means you save at the pump.

So it’s clearly a false economy if you think you are saving a few quid by not having your car serviced when it’s needed.

Regular Servicing: Stay safe

There’s lots you can’t see when you drive your car. Critical components in the engine, suspension and braking system all wear as a result of the mileage you do, and as a function of time. You may not notice this slight deterioration as it develops day by day, but a service will find out any issues.

We can help to identify potential problems before they become real ones and advise you what do do about them and when to do it.

Our servicing, carried out regularly, provides you with the peace of mind that your car or van is in the best condition.

Regular Servicing : Lifespan and Value

Buying a new car or van is expensive, so it makes sense to get the most out of the vehicle you own and the better you treat it, the longer it will last.

It makes economic sense to hold on to a vehicle, but that only works if you have regular servicing which is crucial to making sure you have hassle-free motoring.

An unquestionable added bonus when selling a car is proof of regular servicing. A service from driverhelpline gives you that ‘stamp’ in the service record book which increases the value if you decide to sell your vehicle, it also makes it more attractive to likely buyers.